Exset Labs Europe & Blaze Partnership

Partnership 19 november 2020 2 min

Exset Labs Europe today announces a strategic partnership with Blaze Information Security. The partnership is a formal agreement to combine their offerings to provide a full range of security services to mid and large enterprise customers.

Blaze Information Security with headquarters in Porto, Portugal has been offering cyber-security services for over 5 years. Exset Labs Europe with headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands has specialized in embedded security for hardware and IoT devices.

The formal partnership will include shared sales and marketing resources, with a combined strategy to offer a full range of critical security services ranging from Network Penetration, Application Security Assessments, Hardware, and IoT security testing.

“We have been working with Blaze Information Security for some time now. The blaze has been a very trustworthy partner with a high degree of customer satisfaction and many successful cyber-security projects. Our focus on hardware and embedded security is a natural fit to extend the range of services that we can provide together into Europe and the Americas. We believe this partnership will benefit our customers, who are looking for a single partner to provide cyber and embedded security “ - Matthew Carr, CFO of Exset Labs Europe

“We are delighted to engage in a formal partnership with Exset Labs. By combining Blaze's penetration testing and offensive security expertise with Exset's hardware security capabilities we can consolidate our offerings and create additional value to our customers, providing them with full-spectrum security testing - from silicon and chip to the network and application layer ” - Julio Cesar Fort , Director of Professional Services of Blaze Information Security

About Exset Labs Europe: Founded in 2010, Exset Labs can test and harden your hardware, products, IoT, network, and applications utilizing our extensive years of experience in the broadcasting industry. Protect your embedded devices and be Secured Now! For more information, check out our website https://www.exsetlabs.com.

About Blaze Information Security: Founded in 2016, Blaze Information Security is a privately held cybersecurity firm born from years of combined experience and international presence. With offices in Portugal, Poland, and Brazil, Blaze's team is composed of experienced security engineers with a proven track record of published research and delivery of complex projects for SMBs and enterprise customers in industries such as banking and finance, telecommunications, energy, technology, retail, and startups. For more information see https://www.blazeinfosec.com