Discovering the current state of embedded security in Cyber-Physical Systems

Security General 14 juni 2021 2 minutes

At Exset Labs, we are putting together our State of Cyber-Physical Systems Security Report. Is embedded security seen as a premium luxury rather than a standard requirement by most organizations? How seriously is security for embedded devices/cyber-physical systems being taken at organizations?

According to Gartner , the term cyber-physical systems encompasses concepts such as IoT, smart city and systems created as a result of operational technology (OT) and IT convergence.

Technology providers and device manufacturers should be building products with cyber-physical systems security in mind from day rather than patching up the security when products/devices are already made and in use. But what is the current default for product development in embedded devices? Is it leaving security as an afterthought?

You can help us find out more. If you are happy to contribute just a few minutes of your insights, we will enter you in a draw for a free 2-day Pentest of your device. Every week, we will be announcing a new winner. If you are not interested in being considered for the 2-day Pentest for your device, we will only provide you with the copy of the State of Cyber-Physical Systems Security Report once it is ready.

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