Security Testing is crucial to ensure your product is safe to use. We can help you uncover vulnerabilities, threats and risks in your product.

Why security testing is essential?

A secure product needs for its hardware and software to work together seamlessly. If there are security gaps in either or both, its contents or transactions can be affected. Security Testing is crucial to ensure your product is safe to use. Exhaustive security testing can help you to uncover vulnerabilities, threats, risks in your product.

Our team of security experts can assist you in fixing these weaknesses during the product development phase. 

Let us be your strategic security partner and help you in preventing security breaches that could cause information leakage and loss of data resulting in damaged reputation and declining revenue.

IoT Security Testing

(Industrial) Internet of Things or (I)IoT security depends on multiple layers of protection, extending from the IoT device's hardware foundation through its execution environment. At Exset Labs, we can provide you with sophisticated end-to-end IoT security testing to help you successfully balance risk with time-to-market.

Our security testing services

Penetration Test

Whatever he composition of a product - either its hardware or its software can be tested against its security merits.

With penetration testing, your product is validated -attacked- based on real-world scenarios.

The results allow you to decide where to invest in strengthening the product's security measures, putting your business in control. You can be proactive instead of simply reacting to hackers tinkering with your finished product.

Risk Assessment

Through our Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment, we provide the necessary tools to product manufacturers so they can ensure high levels of security in their products.

Once we finalize the security risk assessment, we provide you with a diagnostic report, which outlines the risks of attacks your product could suffer along with a set of recommendations to avoid these.

Code Review

The existence of software vulnerabilities often originates in the source code. Our experienced consultants can perform code reviews of your product, such as ROM code, bootup sequences, update mechanisms, and other crucial parts of your embedded software.

The assessment result provides you with thorough documentation explaining the issues discovered, along with information advising your development team on how to fix the vulnerabilities identified and, more importantly, how to prevent similar errors in the future.

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