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At Exset Labs, we partner with you to test and improve your OT systems and make them resilient to being hacked or tampered with.

Mitigating risks onshore and offshore

As one of the most vital sectors in our society, the energy and gas industry frequently suffers targeted security attacks: from intricate and calculated infrastructure terrorism to cyber hacking to meter tampering. The disruption of machinery operations could prove fatal and costly, not only by interrupting energy or gas flows but also by causing significant trouble in other sectors. 

For energy and gas companies, keeping a safe environment is key but also a great challenge. 

With imminent grid modernization adding complexity to the system, it can be cumbersome to keep security tight, even more so when working with different third-party suppliers across the world. Having information and communication devices and technologies embedded throughout the entire system on top of running operations in remote onshore and offshore locations, energy and gas companies need highly secure, hacking-resilient products and technologies. Hardening their devices by using our sophisticated embedded product development and thorough security optimization, we make sure they can guarantee safe and uninterrupted services to the end consumer.

Power companies purchase information, hardware, software, services, and more from third parties across the globe. And threat actors can introduce compromised components into a system or network unintentionally or by design, at any point in the system's life cycle.

- Deloitte, 2018. Source: Deloitte Insights

What can we offer

Seasoned Security Specialists

Our security experts have a successful track record of discovering potential threats, helping you mitigate security risks.

Tailor-made Security Solutions

We offer a variety of customized services based on your specific needs to help safeguard your devices.

Shift Left Approach

We partner with you any step of the way - from as early as product development to the physical device inspection.

Eliminating security gaps from your OT

The energy and gas industry's critical infrastructure is mainly made up of industrial control systems and other operational technology (OT); many of these consist of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). 

These PLCs are the ones that manage and control the various stages within the manufacturing and distribution process, including the operating of heavy machinery. The disruption in these devices' normal operation or systems can have dire consequences, including accidents such as explosions, chemical poisoning, fires, or electrocution in power plants.

At Exset Labs, we can partner with you to test and improve your OT systems and make them resilient to being hacked or tampered with. Using our sophisticated laboratory facilities, we can hack into any of your devices so no one else can. Our team of seasoned security specialists will infiltrate your product to assess and identify any security vulnerabilities so you can mitigate and respond to potential threats and keep systems running as usual. Let us help you fill in those security gaps by using our innovative tools backed by our long-standing experience and vast expertise.

How we can help

Partner with us and benefit by testing and improving your operational technology, use innovative tools by our industry leading experts.

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