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Preventing Security Breaches and Data Leaks in IoT Devices

With the rise in popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and people’s increasing dependency on them, they have discovered their critical security vulnerabilities. As smart devices evolve to fit our needs, so have the security threats, putting users at risk. A simple breach can allow a hacker to control a device remotely, access personal data stored in it, track the device’s location, or even cause a massive disruption if they manage to shut down the network the device is connected to.

Manufacturers of smart devices and mobile network operators (MNOs) need to ensure that even when tampered with, the security of products used to connect smart devices is unreachable. Through our sophisticated embedded product development and thorough security optimization, we make sure they can build and offer robust products that cannot be accessed and manipulated with malicious intent.

With the pace of IoT explosion and a bad attitude to support, we are creating an army of abandoned, vulnerable devices that can be misused for nefarious purposes such as network breaches, data leaks, ransomware attack, and DDoS.

Martin Hron, a researcher at Avast. Source:

What can we offer

Seasoned Security Specialists

Our security experts have a successful track record of discovering potential threats, helping you mitigate security risks.

Tailor-made Security Solutions

We offer a variety of customized services based on your specific needs to help safeguard your devices

Shift Left Approach

We partner with you any step of the way - from as early as product development to the physical device inspection.

Ensuring Robust and Secure IoT Devices

Whether you are a device manufacturer or an MNO, you need to ensure that any device connected to a network is safe to operate by the user. 

At Exset Labs, we will help you optimize your overall product security so you can guarantee that mobile devices and systems cannot be breached. Using our sophisticated laboratory facilities, we can hack into your product so no one else can. 

We will ensure your products are resilient to being tampered with, preventing device hacking. We can help you expose security vulnerabilities that may lead to any attack that threatens the security of the user or the network it's connected to. Our team of seasoned security specialists will infiltrate your product to assess and identify security weaknesses, so you can mitigate and respond to potential threats. 

We will help you ensure the device is highly secure, and it is not used with a purpose different than its original intent.

Benefits of partnering with Exset Labs

We can partner with you to test and improve your operational technology by using innovative tools backed by our long-standing experience and vast expertise.

Guarantee Optimal Security

Ensure your product is built securely, resilient to malicious hacking or tampering that could end up damaging your company’s reputation.

Get Actionable Insights

Our team will let you know of any identified vulnerabilities, how to fix them, and avoid them in the future through detailed reports.

Reduce Security Costs

Cut back on recurring costs from having to patch up your product in the future because it’s not built securely from the get-go.

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