At Exset Labs, we will help you optimize your medical devices security so you can guarantee they do not put any system or patient at risk.

Avoid Fatal Security Vulnerabilities in Medical Technologies

The healthcare industry is quite vulnerable to security attacks. From device tampering to hacking an entire network, security vulnerabilities can prove to be fatal. If a healthcare facility is locked out of critical systems, it can delay vital medical response or shut down important devices needed to keep everything up and running. This could be life-threatening for patients that need essential machinery to run uninterruptedly. It could also lead to data breaches violating patient confidentiality.

Any of these security breaches could prove to be detrimental to patients and leave healthcare facilities and device manufacturers legally liable for any malpractice. To avoid this, they need to ensure that all medical devices are impenetrable by any malicious attacker. Through our sophisticated embedded product development and thorough security optimization, we make sure both can guarantee the seamless functioning of the operational technology needed for patients' well-being.

If a hacker can get into the clinical network by exploiting a vulnerability in a medical device, it can be used as a pivot point to get to those more critical elements of the network.

- Nick Yuran, CEO Harbor Labs. Source: Medtechdive

What can we offer

Seasoned Security Specialists

Our security experts have a successful track record of discovering potential threats, helping you mitigate security risks.

Tailor-made Security Solutions

We offer a variety of customized services based on your specific needs to help safeguard your devices.

Shift Left Approach

We partner with you any step of the way - from as early as product development to the physical device inspection.

Ensuring Seamless Operations and Patient Safety

Whether you are a healthcare facility or a device manufacturer, you need to ensure that any device connected to a network or used by a patient is safe to operate and use.

At Exset Labs, we will help you optimize your product security so you can guarantee your devices do not put any system or patient at risk. Using our sophisticated security laboratory facilities, we can hack into your product so no one else can. We will ensure your products are resilient to being hacked, complying with the FDA's rigorous safety regulations and requirements, and data privacy laws.

Our team of seasoned security specialists will infiltrate your product to assess and identify any security vulnerabilities. With our help, you can mitigate and respond to potential threats, ensuring healthcare facilities are running smoothly, offering the highest level of safety for patients.

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We partner with you to test and improve your operational technology by using innovative tools backed by our long-standing experience and vast expertise.

Product Security Assessment

Code Review

Penetration Testing Services

Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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