Application Security

Our team of specialists helps enhance the robustness and boost your apps or API's resilience against cyberattacks through our comprehensive penetration testing services.

The Need for More Mature Application Security

It is vital for organizations that rely on business-critical mobile and web applications to understand the security risks and vulnerabilities they can be prone to. Security risks in applications is a topic that is not yet fully understood or highly considered. With the surging demand for applications to fill in the ever-increasing needs within organizations, security is not always the highest priority the moment an app is being created. The insufficient maturity in terms of security of developers that do not fully understand the importance of security implications when creating an app or align to delivery deadlines can create huge security gaps.

Developing applications with minimum security risks in mind might not be enough to protect them and the organization from malicious attacks. From simple applications like email or web browsers to databases or CRM systems, if not built, designed, and deployed with security in mind, organizations can suffer security breaches granting cyberattackers unauthorized access to their entire network.

Our seasoned security experts can help to ensure that any application within your network is secure and resilient to attacks that can cause major disruptions to the business so you can keep things up and running.

In a world where time is money, convincing people that application security is important is not always easy. The rush to get an application to market can trump the need to integrate security into the development process.
- Dennis Hurst, President Saltworks Security. Source:

How we can help

Using innovative tools and backed by our long-standing experience and vast expertise, we can test and improve your operational technology.

Customized Security Solutions

We offer various customized services applying our expertise and adapting to your specific requirements either on web apps and APIs or iOS and Android mobile apps.

Security Assessment

We go above and beyond OWASP's Top 10 issues and cover modern vulnerability classes that affect web and mobile-based technology.

Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration tests will infiltrate your web or mobile applications and test their resilience so you can immediately respond to threats or mitigate security breaches.

Detailed Audit Reports

We will provide you with an audit report to share with relevant stakeholders and prove third party security testing has been done on your web or mobile apps.

Protect your Organization Against Cyberattacks

Exset Labs offers a variety of customized services based on your specific needs to ensure the highest levels of security in your applications. We can partner with you to improve the security of your business-critical applications and mitigate risks. Making use of our sophisticated laboratory facilities and developing tools and scripts specific to each application under test, we can simulate the actions of a malicious attacker.

Through our exhaustive penetration testing services, our team of specialists will help enhance the robustness and boost the resilience of your apps or APIs against cyberattacks. We will run a full analysis of the application to identify vulnerabilities both in the app’s supporting infrastructure (back-end APIs and databases), in the communication between the app and the server, as well as its interaction with the device(s) it’s connected to.


Guarantee Optimal Security

Ensure your product is built securely, resilient to malicious hacking or tampering that could end up damaging your company’s reputation.

Get Actionable Insights

Our experts will let you know of any identified vulnerabilities through detailed reports, how to fix them and avoid them in the future.

Reduce Security Costs

Cut back on recurring costs from having to patch up your product in the future because it’s not built securely from the get-go.

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