Hardware Security

Our seasoned security experts ensure that any piece of hardware used within your organization is secure and resilient to attacks that could cause major disruptions to the business.


Prioritizing Hardware Security

Hardware security is often overlooked and hardly prioritized, the main focus being software security. However, software security can only do so much, and ensuring your hardware is also secure should not be underestimated. Although for malicious attackers, getting access to a physical device could be difficult, it is not impossible. If a device connected to your network is compromised, it can threaten your entire system's cybersecurity. Vital machinery keeping your organization's business-critical activities up and running, can be tampered with. The result: anything between the disruption of your business, to data theft or corruption, to fatal accidents, ultimately damaging your organization's reputation.

Our seasoned security experts can help ensure that any piece of hardware used within your organization, such as workstations, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), network devices, etc., is secure and resilient to attacks that can cause major disruptions to the business.

When asked about hardware-level defenses and supply chain protections, organizations admitted they weren't there yet to deal with the problem. There is a gap between strategy and execution, leaving this area of the device exposed to potential tampering.
- Macy Bayern, TechRepublic. Source: TechRepublic

How we can help

Using innovative tools and backed by our long-standing experience and vast expertise, we can test and improve your hardware's security. We can help you with:

Customized Security Solutions

We offer a variety of customized services, adapting to your specific requirements. We will help you construct a threat model that identifies and prioritizes potential security breaches.

Side Channel Analysis

Through our side-channel analysis, we will help you evaluate the impact of security breaches. Is your hardware unintentionally leaking information? We will show you how to prevent it.

Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration tests will assess the security of computers, networks, or technological devices that contain information by simulating a deliberate attack. We will analyze and investigate your systems, testing how they respond against breaches and advise you on any weak points that can lead to a breach.

Reverse Engineering

We will look at your hardware from the outside in to test for any security vulnerabilities. Our team will provide you with the insights you need to prevent attacks against your IT infrastructure.

Investing in Stronger Hardware Security Measures

Hardware security tester

Exset Labs offers various customized services based on your specific needs to ensure the highest hardware security levels. 

We partner with you any step of the way - as early as product development or supply chain validation to inspecting the physical device. 

We help you improve your cybersecurity and mitigate any risks by making use of our sophisticated laboratory facilities and simulating the actions of a malicious attacker.

Our team of specialists will enhance the robustness of your product or devices to boost their resilience, safeguarding them against any attack. We develop tools specific to each device, infiltrating your product to assess and identify any security vulnerabilities so you can mitigate risks and respond to potential threats.


Guarantee Optimal Security

Ensure your product is built securely, resilient to malicious hacking or tampering that could end up damaging your company’s reputation.

Get Actionable Insights

Our experts will let you know of any identified vulnerabilities through detailed reports, how to fix them and avoid them in the future.

Reduce Security Costs

Cut back on recurring costs from having to patch up your product in the future because it’s not built securely from the get-go.

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