IoT Security

At Exset Labs, our skilled team has extensive experience building secure IoT products from scratch and helping you bring them to market timely.

Avoiding harmful security vulnerabilities

With the surge in demand for smart devices that need connectivity to the internet to fully function, so have their security vulnerabilities. Device manufacturers have to guarantee that connectivity to critical infrastructure systems will not compromise the functionality, reliability, and integrity of the device or any data flowing in and out of it. As a device manufacturer, you need to guarantee that any device connected to a network is safe to operate by the user.

From device tampering to hacking an entire network, security vulnerabilities can prove harmful, not only to users but also to your company's reputation.

Our seasoned security experts will help you design and build secure IoT products, ensuring that the device is not used with a purpose different than its original intent.

Nearly 20% of organizations observed at least one IoT-based attack in the past three years.

- Gartner, 2019. Source: Gartner Report.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

It’s undeniable that through their connectivity and functionality, IoT devices can help organizations be more efficient, enhance user experience, improve communication and facilitate decision-making. However, as the uptake and diversity of IoT devices increases across an organization, their connectivity to other devices inside or outside the organization’s network, can create security gaps.

For organizations, this makes IoT security one of the biggest challenges to tackle. IT Security teams struggle with the added responsibility of identifying IoT devices entering the network. What makes this more challenging is that these IoT devices come from diverse vendors, use non-standard operating systems, and may not adhere to the strictest security protocols. This leaves them vulnerable to threats that range from intricate and calculated infrastructure terrorism to meter tampering.

At Exset Labs, we will ensure your products are resilient to being hacked. We will help you prevent device tampering and security vulnerabilities that may lead to any attack that threatens the user's security or the network it's connected to.

How we can help

Using innovative tools and backed by our long-standing experience and vast expertise, we can test and improve your operational technology. We can help you with:

Product Security Assessment

Through our assessment we will evaluate all security elements to be considered when adding a new application or device to a corporate network. This includes infrastructure testing, code review, architecture analysis and application security to verify the resilience of the new application or device.

Code Review

Many security vulnerabilities can be traced to the source code. Our security specialists are able to perform exhaustive software code review. We will provide you with a document advising your development team how to fix anything that may cause a security vulnerability and how to avoid them in the future.

Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration tests will assess the security of computers, networks, or technological devices that contain information by simulating a deliberate attack. We will analyze and investigate your systems, testing how they respond against breaches and advise you on any weak points that can lead to a breach.

Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

During SDLC, our skilled developers can help you build more secure software adhering to the strictest security requirements. Our team of experts will assist you with tracking results, creating software architecture security analysis, building threat models and provide you with reports and advice on best practices.

Consumer IoT

Most IoT devices that you have at home - from smartwatches to mobile phones to refrigerators - contain embedded systems: a programmable hardware component like a microprocessor or chip in charge of sending and receiving operational signals within the device or other devices connected to it. Tampering with a device or overruling its security protocols can put its user, the entire network, and other connected devices at risk.

Developing a product that doesn't have security in mind from day one compromises the product's availability or integrity and can leave device manufacturers liable for endangering breaches. 

At Exset Labs, our skilled team has extensive experience building secure IoT products from scratch and helping you bring them to market timely.

Building trustworthy and reliable IoT products

Exset Labs offers various customized services based on your specific needs to ensure your IoT devices' highest security levels. 

Our team can help you build secure devices from the ground up, following best practice architectures, solid implementation techniques, and resilient software development processes

Our security experts will advise you on security improvements to your IoT device from day one: from early on as product design and development to testing when the product has been developed. We can partner with you any step of the way, covering the full embedded software development cycle.

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