Network Security

Protect your network and its data from multiple layers of breaches and intrusions with our hardware and software security solutions

Prevent Security Breaches that can Damage your Organization's Reputation

For any organization, it is important that its network is up and running continuously, without interruptions to its daily activities. As the level of complexity rises due to the expanding amount of hardware and software connected to a network, so has the level of exposure to security vulnerabilities and malicious cyberattacks. Ensuring a network is secured is not a task that can be bestowed solely on network equipment manufacturers, vendors, and operators. Organizations must also play their part when plugging in software and hardware to their network, continuously revisiting security policies to safeguard the entire IT landscape.

Our seasoned security experts can help keep your IT infrastructure up, and running seamlessly by ensuring the software or hardware connected to your network is secure, resilient to attacks that can cause major disruptions to business-critical activities.

According to IBM, it takes, on average, 280 days to identify and contain a breach.
- Source: IBM

How we can help

Using innovative tools and backed by our long-standing experience and vast expertise, we can help you protect the integrity, reliability, and accessibility of your organization's network and data. We can help you with:

Customized Security Solutions

We offer a variety of customized services applying our expertise and adapting to your specific business requirements. Our security specialists will help you determine with accuracy what is your organization's level of exposure to security threats and how to mitigate real risks that can interrupt critical operations.

Defense Mechanisms Resilience Testing

Our team will assess your organization's network's effectiveness and its current defense mechanisms against advanced threatening scenarios. We will help you verify which layers of security controls can be breached by an attacker who possesses varying knowledge and sophistication levels.

Penetration Testing Services

We will help you identify security threats from external or internal attackers and provide valuable observations regarding security policies and patch management. We will also provide you with an assessment that can be used for audit processes that require security testing, such as PCI-DSS and ISO/IEC 27001.

Vulnerability management

We can help you to monitor the security resilience of your entire IT infrastructure periodically. Our team is specializes in identifying the level of risk that security vulnerabilities may bring to your organization and IT landscape. We can support you in all steps: from risk identification to remediation.

Stay Ahead of Malicious Cyber Attacks

Network security expert

Exset Labs offers various customized services based on your specific needs to ensure your organization's network counts with the highest security levels. 

We partner with you to improve the business-critical hardware and software security and give you an overview of what is connected to your network, and guarantee that only those who need to access it can. Using our sophisticated laboratory facilities, we will run security assessments customized to your specific business operations.

Executing a controlled attack simulation, we help you identify those gaps within your network infrastructure so you can mitigate security vulnerabilities and stay ahead of attacks from malicious attackers. 

Let our security experts help you build a solid and resilient security strategy to protect your network and critical business processes.


Guarantee Optimal Security

Ensure your product is built securely, resilient to malicious hacking or tampering that could end up damaging your company’s reputation.

Get Actionable Insights

Our experts will let you know of any identified vulnerabilities through detailed reports, how to fix them and avoid them in the future.

Reduce Security Costs

Cut back on recurring costs from having to patch up your product in the future because it’s not built securely from the get-go.

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